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Amo/I love music and the theory behind it, and it's only recently in 2020 that I've taught myself music theory, how to play instruments and how to use music softwares in order to apply what I've learnt.

I primarily enjoy making soundtracks, or rather, making songs of what would sound like soundtracks and trailer music. Other then that, I enjoy making all kinds of genre of music, anything to widen my horizon of music! Here is a playlist of some of my finished pieces! If you're wanting to stay up to date with my music, please feel free to follow my YT and Sound Cloud! 

I do hope to one day be at a more professional level with music. 


  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube

I've had an interest in coding for games and AI for a long time now. I've been teaching myself Python and HTML. The softwares that I've been using to create and practice coding are Renpy, PyCharm and TWINE games! I've created a few games using these softwares, and they really gave me more chances to understand critical thinking. I'm more than open and willing to learn more about coding languages, as I'm at a very junior level! Coding is an ongoing hobby, I'm always attempting to make chat bots, mini games and calculators. 

Want to see a demo? Here is early access to a basic game I made in TWINE. Simply click the link and follow the instructions in the comments section!

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