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Hello! I'm a part New Zealand and Italian art aspirer. 

Since young, I have been involved in the world of art and creativity. I grew to be especially passionate about story telling and drawing. 

I have been animating my ideas since I was in my early Intermediate School years on Digital Softwares, so it was natural that I'd end up taking a Bachelor of Animation. I've learnt HEAPS from just creating stories, and it's led me to lots of opportunities in school and in professional settings outside of school. I can't wait to learn and work more on my creative drive, and I'm also passionate about other peoples creative ideas! My hobbies also involve creativity such as; Music, Coding, Writing and Sculpting! 


3 year Bachelor of Animation at Yoobee Colleges (formally under the name of: Animation College), majoring in VFX. 

Before my Bachelor of Animation, I have been taking art classes throughout my College years. Before College, I was taking private oil and acrylic painting classes during Primary  School for about 1 year. In College, I took 3 years of art classes. During that time I won multiple art awards and had my work put up on display. 

These awards were: Student of the Year-Art. Excellence for a Comic that was then put on display in the School Library-College. 


Throughout Primary School, Intermediate, College and Uni, I have taken up allot of commission work from clients around the world. These pieces were in the form of: Digital Art (Clipstudio) & Traditional Art (Faber-Castell, Acrylic, Oil, Alcohol based markers). A memorable commission I received was in Primary School, where I was requested to Acrylic Paint 3 pieces of a New Zealand land scape, and these pieces were then hung up in the: Library, School Hall and Principles Office.

As of recent in my Uni years, I have worked under Nicola Jae  Storybooks, a self publishing company for primarily childrens books. Under nicola, I have produced many concept sketches, concept art and have even illustrated sample pages for potential books to come. I have also collaborated with her multiple seasonal Activity Books for Children that were then given out for free for children (along with balloon animals I was making for them!).  

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